Mr. Trump,
I oppose the Iranian president. Over the past five years, I have repeatedly criticized him for his performance as Iran’s president.
One such instance is when I called him simple minded. And he is rightfully so since he has failed to heed concerns raised by myself and many others warning him that US administration officials cannot he trusted.
Fortunately your chaotic leadership style has proved me right.
Mr. Trump, I am a staunch opponent of your presidency; however, I do respect your office out of my respect for the votes of the American people.
In return, I expect the same from you.
While I also oppose the Iranian president, I respect his office out of respect for the Iranian people who elected him.
I expect the same from you; namely to speak to the Iranian president with respect.
Mr. President, if you had devoted your time and energy to learn the basics of politics instead of squandering it with Playboy models, you would have known the basics of diplomatic and political lingo. If you are unfamiliar with how to address political issues and discuss political matters, I’m sure you know how to remain quiet. Please maintain silence.
I recommend that your Secretary of State heeds this advice as well. Inform him that the handful of neanderthals who gathered in Los Angeles to listen to him and who clapped for him do not represent the Iranian people. They are a bunch of losers who don’t know whether they are Iranian or American.
Tell him that If he wants to speak to Iranians in the US, he should engage in dialogue with me and the likes of me; otherwise, bestow upon him a muzzle to keep him from rambling nonsense.
Please abstain from equating the Iranians with the reactionary Arab leaders who you have been able to manipulate.
Following Iran’s Islamic Revolution, the Iranians are a liberated nation. If you want the Iranians to accept you, you have no other way than to recognize their freedom and independence.
Dariush Sajjadi
Political Analyst and Journalist

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